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Information for Authors

Article 1 The thesis should be original, which contributes to the development of academic and related industries, related to theory, research and application of industry promotion field. It should not be published in other journals or submitted for review.

Article 2 Contributor must be an approved member of the present application.

Article 3 The author is responsible for the final responsibility of the published paper.

Article 4 The thesis shall mark the use of Korean, English, Chinese (Chinese characters), and Chinese as a principle, but only if necessary for mixed use in meaning, or write the original words in ( ).

Article 5 The paper is written in the file '.hwp' ms word. Upload directly and to or submit by e-mail (

Article 6 The manuscript shall be written in Korean, English or Chinese, while the English text shall capitalize the first letter of the sentence, the rest in lowercase (except for proper nouns), and the entire length of the paper shall be at least six pages in principle, including figures and tables. However, it is possible to meet the requirements of the thesis within six pages.

Article 7 Contributors must submit the last revised paper by indicating their affiliation and title in the manuscript's publication (if published). (In the case of minors who do not belong, the final affiliation, position, and a school year).

(1) The labeling information for each position and position shall be indicated as follows.


What to display

University affiliation

University professor (full-time / non-full-time)

Name / 00 University / 00 Professor

University affiliation Instructor

Name / 00 University / Instructor

University affiliation Student

Name / 00 University / Student

University affiliation Postdoctoral Researcher

Name / 00 University / Post-doctoral associate

Elementary and secondary


Elementary and Secondary Students

Name / 00 School / Student

Elementary and secondary school teachers

Name / 00 School / Teacher


If you do not belong



(2) For overseas academic journals, the method of displaying author information shall be as follows.

- If the organization and position cannot be displayed separately due to different methods of marking the authors in overseas academic journals, the position is not required to be displayed in the paper (However, when submitting the paper as a research result to the university, the organization and position must be included).

Article 8 On the first page of the manuscript, the title, author's name and affiliation should be written in Korean, English, and Chinese, and five to six Korean key words and English key words should be presented. In addition, the corresponding author should be written as much as possible.

Article 9 The edited paper should be 188 wide and 258 long, but edited in two stages (spacing 6, width 71, and single-line transparency), and the margins of the paper should be top 0, bottom 0, left 20, right 20, header 28, footer 20. In the font shape, the standard for length up and down and width on the left and right sides is 96, and the space between letter is -8.

Article 10 The order of the thesis shall be in Korean in the order of Korean title, Korean author's name, Korean affiliation, English title, English author's name, English affiliation, Korean summary, English summary, text, reference, and appendix. For English-language papers, write in the following order: English title, English-language author, Korean-language title, Korean-language author, Korean-language organization, English-language summary, Korean-language summary, body language, reference literature, and appendix.. Chinese-language papers are written in the order of Chinese title, Chinese, author name, Chinese language summary, Chinese-language summary, body language, reference literature and appendix.

Article 11 References should be limited to those cited or mentioned in the text and the numbering of references using [] in the text. [4]

 • Describe the order in the reference specification in quoted order.

  • - In the reference specification, the order shall be stated in the order of citation.
  • - If several are cited at the same time, describe in the same way as [1,2,3].
  • - All references that are directly related to the thesis should be written, but at least 12 should be written.

  • The specific details of the reference literature are as follows.

    1. The technical procedure is as follows.

    Bibliographic order

    1)Journal: all authors, (year of publication), title, journal name, volume, issue, page number

    2)Books: all authors (all titles), signatures, pages, publishers, year of publication

    3) Web site: author (if present), website title, publisher, year of publication, website address

    4) DOI: URL notation)

    2. If there are two or more authors, list the names of all authors.

    3. When referring to a part of a book or thesis, mark the page, but write '-' in the linked page.

    4. If the author is unknown or unknown, place the title of the book or title first.

    5. After the sentence symbol, make sure to leave a space.


  • 1) [1] G. D. Hong, Cognitive load while learning to use a computer program. Applied Cognitive Psychology, Vol. 2, No. 9, pp.151-170, 1999.
  • 2) [2] Soon-Sin Lee, An analysis of ESL learners’ discourse patterns. Ph.D. dissertation, p.15, McGill University, 2000.
  • 2) Paperback: Author (all notation), signature, number of pages, publisher, publication year)
  • 3) [3] D. H. Lee, Polymer Society of Korea Home page,, July 14, 2003.
  • 4) [4] DOI:

  • Article 12 Titles shall be numbered as follows: 1., 1.1, 1.1.1 1), a), (1), (a), etc.

    Article 13 The name of the figure shall be in the lower center [Figure 1] or [Fig. 1], in the case of a table, should be written as (Table 1) or (Table 1) at the top center of the table.

    Article 14 The review fee for the thesis shall be paid 100,000 won upon submission of the paper, and the publication fee shall be paid upon approval of the publication, and in case of general publication, 200,000 won for basic 6 pages and 20,000 won per pages for 7 pages. In case of emergency, an additional 300,000 won shall be paid. However, in the case of marking a paper (research) support institution, an additional 200,000 won must be paid after calculating the above paper publication fee. (It can be adjusted before the registration site.) (i.e., examination fee + publication fee = 300,000 won) But in the case of foreigners, 300,000 won must be paid additionally if necessary, including confirmation of translation.

    Article 15 One thesis paper and three separate copies of the published paper shall be presented to the contributor, and the contributor shall pay the expenses upon further request.

    Article 16 Adopted papers should be published in the order of receipt, and in the case of urgent review and urgent publication for special circumstances, it must be approved by the journal editing committee or editor-in-chief.

    Article 17 This paper shall be published twice a year (31 January, 31 July 31 of each year). If necessary, special issues such as overseas can be published.

    Article 18 The paper published in the Journal of the present application is hereby approved for use free of charge (all authors). Others may not reproduce without our permission.

    Article 19 This Regulation shall come into force from Book 5 No. 1. (However, it can be consulted by the board of directors of the Industrial Promotion Institute before registration of the registration site.

    Supplementary Provisions 1. This regulation shall come into effect on January 1, 2016.

                                      2. This regulation will be effective from January 31, 2018.

                                      3. This regulation will be effective from January 31, 2019.

                                      4. This regulation will be effective from December 27, 2019.