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Review Process

Article 1 is to prescribe the review and adoption of articles submitted to the Institute of Industrial Promotion (hereinafter referred to as "the Institute") "Industrial Promotion Research".

Article 2 When the thesis is submitted to the Industrial Promotion Research, the manuscript shall be provided or sent directly to the judges after confirming the author's membership and deposit of the fee. The subcommittee and the general affairs committee will appoint an expert judge for the relevant field and shall be notified by telephone of the thesis reception.

Article 3 The chairman or secretary of the editorial committee shall select two judges, send a dissertation request and dissertation, request the examination, and notify the chairman of the list of judges The judges shall return the results of the examination to the industrial promotion research within 14 days for the initial examination and 14 days for the examination from the day of receiving the examination request. If the judge does not submit the examination opinion within 14 days after receiving the examination request, the editor-in-chief or the secretary may refer the examiner within 7 days and not to submit the examination opinion within 7 days. The commissioned judges commissioned the paper to be immediately returned to the industrial promotion research.

Article 4 The judges shall judge the results of the judging as "uncanceled posting", "revised posting", "revised post-revision review" and "posting not possible", and the editing committee shall notify the editorial committee Proceed with it.

Judging resultJudging judgment
Positive evaluation of all two judgesUncensored, post-edit
Negative evaluation1 judge negative evaluationEditorial Committee ReferralApprove deliveryRevision after revision
Not showingNot showing
* In the case of judging that one judge can not be posted, the editorial committee shall make a final determination of 'revision after revision / no publication'.
Negative evaluation of two judgesNot showing (for 2 people)Not showing
* The judge judges that the two judges can not be posted.

Judging authority of judges : The thesis evaluation has the full authority of the judges, and the institute is not responsible for the results of the examination.
Security for judging : The judges do not know any information about the authors, nor do the authors know about the judges. The author can only see the results of the judges' evaluation.

Article 5 Classification of the results of examination on the thesis, necessary measures, and determination of the decision shall be made as follows.

(1) Uncensored delivery : It is judged that it can be displayed without modification.
(2) Post edits : The editing committee shall check the revision and decide it is possible to publish it. If additional modifications are required, further review by the judges and report to the chief editor.
(3) Revision after revision : Requests for review by the authors of articles modified by the thesis authors, and review is allowed up to two times. In this case, the authors are requested to revise the paper by attaching the result of the thesis examination. The author sends the revised manuscript to the editorial committee, and the editorial committee requests the reviewer to review the manuscript.
(4) Not showing : If it is determined that it is not possible to do so, it is necessary to provide specific reasons and explanations.

Article 6 Once the publication of the thesis is confirmed, the author shall transmit the thesis file of the final thesis to the editor-in-chief or the general director and pay the publication fee. When requesting the confirmation letter, the editor-in-chief shall send the author a confirmation of the publication of the thesis stating the publication title, issue number, and publication date.

Article 7 As a general rule, if the author does not modify or supplement the revision requested by the editorial board within one month after receiving the revision request, he / she shall in principle not submit it.

Article 8 Even if the examination judges that the manuscript is available for publication, the editorial board shall review it later if the manuscript cannot be published due to plagiarism or other reasons.

Article 9 The judges may exchange opinions with the contributors only through the editorial committee.

Article 11 The review fee for the thesis shall be 20,000 won for general review and 50,000 won for emergency review. If the request for examination is suspended, the fee must be returned.

Article 12 The contents of the selection of judges shall be kept confidential.

Article 13 Any matter not specified in this regulation shall be dealt with customarily by the editorial board or board of directors.

Article 14 This Regulation shall become effective from the first of Volume 3.

Supplementary Provisions 1. This Regulation shall enter into force on January 1, 2016
                                  2. This regulation will be effective from January 31, 2018.

                                  3. This regulation will be effective from January 31, 2019.

                                  4. This regulation will be effective from December 27, 2019.