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Information for Authors

Article 1. Manuscripts to be published in the Journal shall be original articles in the field of knowledge and information technology and related convergence, and manuscripts published or under review in other domestic and overseas journals cannot be contributed, and the final responsibility for the contents of the published article will be assumed by the author.


Article 2. Article contributors and co-authors shall be members of this society in principle.


Article 3. Manuscript receipt for articles is subject to the constant contribution, and the publication days are the last days of even-numbered months, February 28 (February 29 if the last day is 29), April 30, June 30, and August 31, October 31 and December 31, issuing 6 times a year.


Article 4. The Journal's editing committee may request the author to modify the partial contents of the article through the review process of the contributed article. If not, it is considered as giving up the review.

Article 5. Articles are contributed through the society's website from time to time, and the date of contribution is the day when the article is submitted to the society's secretariat.


Article 6. The article contributor submits the article for review prepared in the latest version of 'Hangeul(*.hwp)' or 'MS Word(*.docx)' to e-mail (kkits@kkits.or.kr) according to the following regulations.

① The article contributor should submit the article prepared in the ‘Article Contribution Form’  in the homepage or various forms of the Society for review by e-mail (kkits@kkits.or.kr) complying with ’Notes for preparing the article’.

② When submitting an article for review, the contributor shall submit ‘Pledge for Compliance with Code of Research Ethics’ and ‘Author Certificate for Compliance with Code of Research Ethics’ by e-mail (kkits@kkits.or.kr).


Article 7. The article finalized to be published shall be submitted to the Society by e-mail (kkits@kkits.or.kr) prepared in accordance with the ’Article contribution form’.


Article 8. When the article is finalized to be published, the contributor shall remit the posting fee for the article before publication as follows, and after remittance, the contributor shall send the name, affiliated organization, and deposit amount to the secretariat of the Society by e-mail (kkits@kkits.or.kr).


Posting fee (1~10 pages) 

From page 11

For acknowledgement

General contribution

KRW 280,000

KRW 20,000 per page

KRW 100,000

Urgent contribution

KRW 560,000

KRW 40,000 per page

KRW 100,000

Bank account to remit the posting fee : HANA Bank 652-910012-57304 (Account holder:  Korea Knowledge Information Technology Society)


Article 9. If the contributor desires to change the review from general review to urgent review due to special circumstances, such change shall be made with prior approval of the editing committee, but the author shall pay additional fee required for such change.


Article 10. Articles published in the Journal will be given with 10 copies of offprints to the contributor. However, if more than 10 copies of offprints are desired, the required number of copies shall be requested at the time of publication notice and actual expense shall be paid until completion of the initial proofreading.


Article 11. Articles published in the Journal shall not be reproduced without prior approval of the Society.


Article 12. The copyright of the article published in the Journal shall belong to KKITS from the date of approval for publication, and the author is deemed to agree that KKITS converts the article into a database on a computer and discloses it to an unspecified number of people.

Article 13. The paper in the Journal of the Korean Society of Knowledge Information Technology is published by applying Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenxex/by-nc-nd/4.0/). Therefore, anyone is free to use the paper for non-profit purposes.